• Rich text editors 
  • Font controls
  • Integrated spelling
  • Automatic numbering
  • Custom set security
  • Integrated price schedules
  • Advanced price cherry picking
  • Enterprise wide clause libraries
  • Unlimited template creation
  • Tender-box linking
  • HTML tendering
  • Remote evaluation
  • Online remote evaluations
  • Multiple weighting trees
  • Integrated question types 
  • Web URL linking
  • Catalogue buying
  • Content aggregation


Tendering software that dramatically reduces the time and cost of procurement for Goods, Works and Services 


Procurement Tools for Procurement Professionals


The demand for transparent procurement processes and a shift to strategic purchasing has placed an increasing demand on today’s procurement professional. ‘TenderMAX PRO™ and ProcureMAX™ have been developed by DecisionMAX Software Pty Ltd to provide a solution to the purchasing cycle handling tender automation including: strategic planning; stake holder needs analysis; risk planning; tender production and distribution; tender evaluation; awarding tenders and ongoing contract management engagements.

Procurement Automation Step-By-Step


Designed to deliver enterprise-wide procurement automation TenderMAX PRO™ and ProcureMAX™ delivers levels of procurement automation that is unequalled in the industry for design capability, automation, security and value-for-money.   Both tools are designed to take any enterprise to best practice procurement from both a probity standing and procurement process. 


With a proven track record of more than 10,000 suppliers and a range of large and small customers in government, health, utilities, Procurement consulting and the private sectors, the DecisionMAX procurement solutions guarantee “real bottom line gains” along with sustainable “’process productivity gains”.  Take the DecisionMAX ROI challenge to see how our applications can realign your existing process to leading edge performance:

  • Establish and maintain solid supplier relationships;
  • Develop Category buying templates that work;
  • Run end-to-end tender cycles 70% faster than paper systems;
  • Experience true tender evaluation automation;
  • Use enterprise libraries to reshape how your tenders are built and where your intellectual property lives;
  • Make every RFQ/RFT/EOI best practice compliant with integrated value-for-money buying assessments and intelligent evaluation workbenches that trap how your organisation buys  and makes buying decisions;
  • Achieve 50% more productivity with current staff levels;
  • Manage contract compliance;
  • Grow your procurement to supply chain management;
  • Automate the process of validating your supply chain;

TenderMAX & ProcureMAX™ addresses three core elements within the purchasing cycle: Spend Analysis & Planning, Tendering Production and Tender Evaluation / Awarding Contracts.

Tender Planning

The core of good purchasing is in the detail of how you buy and what you determine are the buying drivers. Both ProcureMAX™ & TenderMAX Pro™ developed by DecisionMAX are designed to automate this complex world improving not only how you “go to market” but also how you engage the assessment of the suppliers offering you services. Fully customisable, the systems include a range of automation tools for every phase of your buying-life-cycle. In planning, this includes tools for undertaking risk planning, tender design scoping; spend analysis and budgeting to ensure that every contract is planned from design to catalogue engagement. 

Tender Production

Developing tenders can drift in many directions, such as external consultants or all too often the cut paste on previous documents. DecisionMAX has totally revolutionised this process addressing both the issue of automated production and control & ownership of content.   Designed to engage buyers and sellers in a “document process” that resembles today’s word documents, our tendering production tools offer a raft of highly sophisticated question design-options such as scorecards, trigger questions, multiple choices and open questions to reshape the tender’s cycle.  Combined with enterprise wide content libraries, and automated evaluations, data mining, charting and online grading, our products redefine the concept of e-purchasing for businesses of any size.

  • Negotiated Contract –benchmarking
  • RFQ/RFP, Auction ( pre assessment) and best value buys- Rolling buys, RFT – Small medium and large, Major RFT/EOI
  • Supplier Validations and benchmarking
  • Scorecard reviews

Tender Evaluation & Benchmarking

For many organisations the complexity of best practice tendering can become a major burdens on resource, leading all too often, too rolled over contacts, or buyers opting for direct negotiated outcomes. The reality is however, there is no replacement for strategic buying.

To make this process more accessible, DecisionMAX has designed a highly sophisticated evaluation engine that supports both manual (qualitative) scoring and automated quantitative scoring. Integrated in an evaluation work bench, our tools allows any company to effectively mange evaluation teams with progress indicators and bias scoring monitors as well as producing in-depth reports for bids assessments and both internal and external debriefings.