Does the new ‘harmonised’ OHS legislation have you thinking about how you are going to meet the new legislation?

Are you compliant now?


DecisionMAX Software has developed a wide range of procurement technologies, consolidated in a cloud based platform. This enables our clients to access an enterprise wide solution for their governance and procurement needs.

The Supplier Portal is designed to address the specific needs of procurement departments, looking for supplier registration, tendering and contract management alongside OHS departments who are confronted with the complex issues of supplier compliance.

The DecisionMAX Supplier Portal is designed to engage a supply chain in a totally new way by merging the compliance obligations of the purchaser and the information disclosure requirements of the supplier in a seamless online system.  The Supplier Portal does not charge suppliers.

The Portal works by taking a company’s obligations for validating OHS and Trade Certificates and links them to a smart Portal, built just for your company and your supply chain.

Once loaded with your business rules the Portal automatically engages your suppliers.  Based on the supplier's services or goods, the site scans 1000’s of compliance rules (pre-loaded) to determine exactly what each supplier, consultant, plumber, rigger, trade supplier needs to have in the way of permits, licenses, competencies, insurances and trade certificates.

Fully automated, the DecisionMAX Supplier Portal instantly informs your suppliers of their obligations and immediately starts developing a certification status for the suppliers by collecting registration forms from your suppliers.

Where competency reviews are required the site also identifies specific requirements so that your internal OHS, Works and Procurement teams can develop pre-validation programs for your suppliers such as collecting data on OHS competencies, industrial relations, quality management, environmental controls, risk management, contract performance and manufacturing capabilities.

DecisionMAX supply chain portal capabilities:

The Supply Portal has a range of distinct components that include tools to support online trading activities between suppliers and the purchasing groups of a company.

  • Online Tendering

  • Tender Notification

  • Project Collaboration

  • Site Management

  • Price Book & Catalogues

  • Tendering Box Delivery

  • Online Tendering

  • Works and Project Forums

  • Mail Drop Boxes

  • Contract Management