DecisionMAX Consulting Services

As a developer of procurement automation tools DecisionMAX is all too aware of the impact that software can have on an organisation and indeed how the right software can form a catalyst for ongoing change.

It is however, DecisionMAX’s belief that matching our innovations in software with a comprehensive Professional Services Division is, and has been, a key contributor to both our company’s growth and also to the success that many different organisations implementing the DecisionMAX procurement automation tools have achieved.

The Professional Services Division within DecisionMAX initially developed to handle software training has over recent years expanded to include: consulting, out-sourcing and procurement modernisation programs which were introduced by DecisionMAX to assist organisations in developing road maps to migrate their existing procurement cultures to best practice procurement. Over the past three years the DecisionMAX Professional Services Group has managed an array of projects in excess of $1.9 billion dollars across Australia and the United Kingdom.

The current Professional Services offered by DecisionMAX is centred on three core disciplines:

• Application training for DecisionMAX products.
• Change management programs for deploying procurement automation into organisations.
• Procurement outsourcing.


The training forms the heart of the procurement software delivery and is generally delivered with some change management program.  The DecisionMAX change management program comes in three levels, ranging from basic application implementation to structured change management programs that include formal benchmarking and transition planning.
Procurement benchmarking / change management

At the top end of the change management consulting program DecisionMAX has developed a comprehensive modernisation program which includes:

• Benchmarking
• Spend analysis
• Training
• Skills assessment
• Ongoing performance monitoring for risk management
• Government and Corporate compliance and governance 

Procurement outsourcing

As part of its ongoing program in procurement DecisionMAX offers a range of consulting services; these include: procurement outsourcing, procurement templates development, risk planning and SLA development.  Currently there are over 50 business category templates available from DecisionMAX:

• Human resources and recruitment.
• IT, equipment acquisition,
• Maintenance
• IT outsourcing
• Telecommunications.
• Records management.
• Facilities management such as cleaning, and security.
• Finance such as banking, share registers and auditor contracting.
• Utilities and energy.
• Motor fleet including fuel.