Procurement Modernisation


The path to modernising the procurement process within an organisation can prove to be a complex process, as no other function within an organisation operates on the scale of procurement or indeed, has as much impact on the performance of an organisation.  Until recently however, this process was managed by an array of mainly manual processes which are highly resource intensive and extremely costly to manage.

To help you manage these issues DecisionMAX has developed a series of formal implementation programs. 

A Concept Pilot - is used to develop a business case for automation by providing a Proof of Concept and ROI Model for clients.
An Implementation Program - is initiated after the Concept Pilot. This program is used to manage the deployment and change management issues of the procurement software within an organisation.
A Procurement Modernisation Program - the Procurement Modernisation Program is designed to assist organisations in establishing the health of their procurement process across a wide array of business indicators including:

• Leadership
• Policy
• Probity
• Business process
• Social and community drivers
• Corporate governance
• Government compliance

The Procurement Modernisation Program is fully customisable and comes in two levels:

1. Government format - designed to measure compliance to mandatory procurement guidelines and FTA Guidelines NSW (10 Step Procurement Guide).
2. Corporate format - for organisations that wish to map their procurement processes to a Best Practice Model.

Procurement Health Checks

In developing the Procurement Modernisation Program DecisionMAX developed one of the industry’s most comprehensive Procurement Health Check Programs which allows an organisation to develop rapid “business indicators” of how they are conforming to their statutory obligations and best practice standards in procurement.

Gap Analysis

Within the framework of the Procurement Modernisation Program, DecisionMAX has seven health check assessment programs which incorporate over 300 industry and statutory benchmarks (specific indicators for Commonwealth Government CPGs and NSW GPP-TTo4-01).
Once completed, the procurement health check reviews are assessed to develop a series of gap analysis reports. The outcome of these assessments is then used to generate a modernisation program specifically tuned for each organisation’s unique needs and business driver. 
A key facet of the Procurement Modernisation Program is the use of a range of ongoing health checks.

These health checks include:

1. Risk management.
2. Tender evaluation.
3. Document archiving.
4. User satisfaction.