DecisionMAX Contract Management - ContractMAX

ContractMAX is designed to help turn your corporate information into an asset, providing a central reference point for all your contractual agreements and purchasing commitments. Designed with the flexibility to manage all types of contracts ranging from a single event to managing an entire enterprise consisting of 1000's of contracts. ContractMAX provides a central control for event management, budgeting, expense management, corporate governance, risk management and performance management. With ContractMAX you gain access to the building blocks necessary to bring together your operational needs and suppliers, handling the automation of contract renewals, supplier performance benchmarking, supplier compliance, budgeting and cash flow planning.

ContractMAX can be used to manage contracts or informal supply agreements providing controls for renewals, extensions, KPI performance, supplier benchmarking and financial benchmarking and risk compliance. ContractMAX offers a new generation of enterprise controls that puts you in charge of both your supply line and commercial obligations.

ContractMAX - A Strategic Business Decision

  • A central repository for all contracts
  • Integrated reporting and dashboards (burn charts)
  • Financial forecasting with budget to actual analysis
  • Compliance for corporate governance benchmarking
  • 360 degree performance benchmarking for suppliers and internal staff
  • Cash flow forecasts and budgeting
  • Integrated risk management


The business environment today is complex and more challenged than it has been in recent history. The growing number and complexity of formal contracts within the business is influenced by numerous factors, increased corporate governance, regulatory obligations, restricting markets, increased competition and increasing use of formal Service Levels Agreements. These factors when not managed increase risk exposure and drive up costs throughout the business.

These factors impact the business both financially and legally, consequently executives are increasingly concerned in identifying and effectively managing all the contracts across their enterprise to control and lower the cost of doing business while maintaining overall business performance.
Recent independent research indicates that the introduction of Formal Contract Management results in dramatic benefits to businesses.

  • Improve compliance by 55%
  • Improve rebates and or discounts by 25-30%
  • Reduce material and service costs by 2-7%
  • Improve contract renewal rates by 25%
  • Improve revenues by 1-2%
  • Reduce administrative costs by 25-30%
  • Reduce Sourcing Cycles by 67%

Contract Management

  • Escrows , Facilities Management, Lease Registers and OH&S Risk Planning
  • Corporate Governance Monitoring and Compliance Monitoring

Contract Event Designer

  • Wizard Based Building for SLA and KPI 
  • Support Legal T&C’s as a Clause Build or Document Attachment
  • Supports Multiple Attachments per SLA
  • KPI and SLA’s automatically linked to review cycles

Work Flow Planning

  • Unlimited Alerts and Reminders
  • Automatic Event Messaging and Approval Notice
  • Full Clause Based Merging of all Event Messages to Suppliers

Automated Mail Services

  • Full Mail Event Tracking and Auditing


  • Contract Calendars Synchronising to Outlook
  • View Entries as Tables and Multiple Time Zones

360 Degree Event Benchmarking

  • Contract Performance Benchmarking
  • Contract Event Register
  • View Performance History on Events
  • Hierarchical Management of Parent Company, Branches and Sub Contractors
  • Insurances Compliance, Certificate Compliance - OH&S, Standards and Licenses

360 Degree Risk Management

  • Online Risk Libraries and Risk Registers
  • System Wide Risk View
  • Online System Libraries and Templates
  • Online KPI/ SLA Libraries
  • Import and Maintain Cost Codes
  • Import and Maintain Unlimited Commodity Code

Budgeting and Finance Management:

  • Multiple Budgets per contract
  • Unlimited line Items per budget
  • Variable Payment Schedules for Every Line Item
  • Supports
  • Lump Sum
     Capital and Annuity
     Annuity Only
     Rates Tables
     Budget Draw-Downs & Variations

Financial Dash Boards

  • Contract Dashboards - Budget, Actual, Variance
  • Cash Flow Planning for Department and Cost Centres
  • Hedging for Labour, or Materials
  • Support Simple Budget Provisioning

Document Management

  • Document Archiving
  • Issues Tracking
  • Surveys
  • Compliance Forms
  • Supplier Data
  • Certificates